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Garage Door Springs

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When garage door springs break, there is nothing you can do. The door will be stuck and you will be unable to open it. Many people assume that the opener opens and closes the garage door. This belief is partially true. However, the heavy lifting of the garage door is primarily done by the overhead door springs.Garage Door Springs

How to Tell If Your Springs need to be replaced

When the spring of the door breaks, your garage door will not open or close. Should this happen, do not try using the garage door opener to force the door open or close. You will end up damaging it.

Whether your garage door has torsion coil springs or extension springs, worn or damaged ones will display the following characteristics:

*  The garage door will stall while opening

*  You'll notice the garage door looks to be skewed and not straight like it should be

*  The springs will look visibly stretched, which is a sign they have lost their tension

*  You'll notice that the springs are worn out

If the springs get damaged before the usual 10,000 door opening and closing cycle then think back, or ask your family members if anything happened to the door recently… This is one of the most common reasons for springs 'going bad' quickly.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

It is important that you get springs that are designed to support the weight of the door you have. If you have two springs, replace both. The reason is simple. If one spring has worn out, the other too will fall apart shortly. This will ensure that it operates smoothly and you do not damage the opener.

Replacing garage door springs is best left to one of our professionals. It requires the right tools, knowledge and expertise to ensure the work is done correctly and safely. 

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