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Keep up to date with these garage door tips. Maintenance has never been easier. Here you will find some of the best ideas about ways to maintain your garage door and secrets of how to choose new ones and repair parts. The tips found here are amazing, short, interesting and related to various garage door matters

  • Consider the replacement of worn springs before they break.

    The professionals of our garage door repair company in Puyallup point out that this can save you a great deal of hassle and eliminate the safety risks associated with a broken spring. You will not have to worry about your door getting stuck and blocking your car in or out of the garage. You will have a perfectly functioning system all the time.

  • Keep your garage door for ages

    Since garage doors are expensive investments, it's natural that you want to keep them for years. This is possible up to the point that they won't be dangerous for your safety and their repair won't be more expensive than their replacement. Lubricate components, fix them when worn, tighten fasteners and maintain the whole system often.

  • Manuals and warranties

    As with most equipment around your house, never throw out manuals and warranties related to your garage door. Although the working mechanism of a garage door is fairly the same, some manufacturers have specific details on repairing, replacing and maintaining doors. The manual also comes handy when you're trying to diagnose door problems.

  • Give attention to the horsepower of the motor

    When you choose new garage door openers, give attention to the dynamics of the motor. You must choose sufficient horsepower for your own garage door and that will depend on its weight. The other characteristics may vary but the power of garage door motors ensures the good movement of the door and its speed.

  • Old garage door tracks

    Using old tracks for your new garage door might seem like a good option and help save costs. However, garage door repair Puyallup technicians advise homeowners not to do that as old tracks may not fit into a new door and there are various other factors to consider as well such as door weight, opener, headroom and section thickness.

  • Don’t Buy a New Door Just Yet

    Just because your garage door has recurring problems does not mean you have to buy a new one. According to experts in Garage Door Puyallup, parts replacement might be the best possible solution. Have it checked first for diagnosis. If you'll settle for replacing garage door parts, it will be cheaper.

  • Keep children away from the door

    Our experts stationed in Puyallup suggest that you keep your children away from the garage door, especially if you are using an automatic garage door opener. Being children, they are likely to play around with the remote control system of the door, which can cause damage to the door and also hurt them.

  • Treat garage doors with utmost care

    When it comes to maintaining your garage door, professionals stress the fact that you take your door very seriously. Exercise caution, as you perform maintenance and remind everyone nearby to be careful around the door. Otherwise accidents are bound to happen and they can be fatal.

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