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If you're planning on getting a gate, you would be glad to know that you actually have a couple of choices on the matter. There is the swing type, the sliding type and the overhead type. In this article, you'll learn more about the different styles and the problems associated with each and how our company can assist you with it.

Things Are Going Up

Gate RepairOverhead is the first type. This isn't the most common choice for those that have a big, open driveway. However, this is popular for those that have an enclosed space that serves as the driveway. Overhead gates open the same way garage doors do, and the mechanisms in place are the same. Some of the common problems that you can encounter with this type involve broken springs and snapped cables. If you encounter such a problem, know that it's rather dangerous to handle by yourself. Call our expert technicians for safe and professional gate repair.

The Sliding Effect

The second one is the sliding type. You can choose this type if you have a fairly small space in terms of clearance for a swinging gate. By choosing to use a sliding mechanism, you are no longer using the parking space or driveway as a path for the door to travel. Instead, the door is tucked away to the side of the post when it's in the open position. Some of the more common problem with this type is the wearing out of the belt or the breaking of the chain. The sliding gate wheels also need to be periodically changed.

The Popular Swinger

The swinging type is probably the most common one since it utilizes the simple mechanism that we're familiar with. With this type, the problem often develops at the swing hinges. These are load bearing and may be susceptible to shearing forces and rust. If they are mounted on wooden posts, the surrounding area may turn rotten and dislodge the hinge. Of course, you can always count on our team for professional swing gate repair.

Gate Repair Services by Pros

The abovementioned different types vary in the way they open. This means that the mechanisms and operators that allow them to open are different, resulting in each of their unique issues. If you're facing a problem with yours, send us a message or call us at Garage Door Repair Puyallup. We have the right skills to help you solve your problem.

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